TestNav Qualified

About the Program

The TestNav Qualified program may help districts and schools:

  • Expand their range of technical options for managing local infrastructure and delivering high-quality instruction
  • Leverage or extend the useful life of existing investments in hardware, software, and local network and lab environments to run TestNav reliably
  • Allow students to test within the same technology environments or platforms with which they are already familiar and comfortable
  • Improve the likelihood of a positive student testing experience
  • Achieve technology readiness for online testing

Testing & Qualification Process

Pearson collaboratively works with each company to complete the testing process. The baseline standards for each category are used as the benchmark for testing. The specific implementation requirements for each product and solution are documented as part of the qualification process. The TestNav Qualified list of companies is updated on the website as soon as any new company completes the testing and qualification documentation.

Vendor Responsibility

All vendors are required to comply with the terms and conditions contained in the Qualification Standards Document, TestNav Qualified Certification Mark Agreement, and the Pearson Certification Mark Usage Guidelines. The Usage Guidelines delineate how the TestNav Qualified Marks/Logos can be used. All qualification templates can be viewed and downloaded from the Vendor Information for Qualification page.